Monday, October 1, 2012

Skype Conf. on our NGO setting up & 3 regional leaders' meeting

Dear All ex-JICA participants to RCUSS, Kobe Univ. training on DRR Strategy for Urban Earthquake,

Yesterday, Sept. 30th, Dr. Shah from Pakistan and Mr. Fuentes from Chile and myself Yasuo Tanaka have discussed over the Skype on the following two topics;

1) To further strengthen our network of ex-JICA participants, should we create our own NGO and registered in some country?
2) To discuss further more details of such NGO registration, whether or not three leaders from ASIA, MENA, and Latin America should meet in Kuala Lumpur this December?

After the Skype conference, we have decided to continue studying how to register and operate the NGO and bring our study results to meet in December for the 3 regional leaders' meeting.

We will post any further developments on this, and all of our colleagues to give us your comments on how to strengthen our ex-JICA participants network. Please send your comments to "".

Best regards,
Yasuo Tanaka


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